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~English: Perhaps Tomorrow will be a Better Day~

Performed by: Kuwata Keisuke
Lyricist: Kuwata Keisuke
Composer: Kuwata Keisuke
Translated by: crystalise
Where have those brilliant days of
Warm tears and confessions of love disappeared to?
Wandering this endless road even as tomorrow approaches,
It becomes clearer that there is no way to return to where we started.*

If I listen closely to the voice that rests in my heart,
What will it say to me?
Even now, when I am at the corner of this broken path,
I think back to the sky that we used to gaze at.

Having only been granted solitude and strife from God,
It's seems alright to cry when I feel like crying.
Could this be destiny?
Should I just let go?
The magical rotation of the seasons appear to mirror my trapped emotions.**

Oh, Baby, no, could it be that maybe
Losing "love" also means losing "emotions"?
The pretence that seems like grieving
Was brought on only by the expectations of the world.

Oh, baby, perhaps maybe
Without "sorrow" there is no "joy".
This feeling of happiness,
I want to hold on to it one more time.

These beautiful memories live
So that you may love me one day.
Unlike the days that have come and long gone,
My uncharted life ahead exists only to make one dream come true.

Who could open this door of miracles?
Please baby, smile for me just one more time.
Are you only beginning to realise it?
The key to the door is already
In the palm of your hands.

Why is it, baby? Please tell me,
If losing "love" will also mean I lose "hate"?
Acting as if I don't know a thing,
Was I trying to shelter myself from the pain of acceptance?***

Oh, baby, maybe
This isn't just another little contest!
I have to get past this daunting feeling
And give myself one more chance.

I say to myself...

Oh, baby, no, could it be that maybe
Losing "love" also means losing "emotions"?
This guise that seems like grief
Is merely the remnant of my past regrets!

Oh, baby, smile for me baby.
Life does not continue unceasingly.
Yet deep inside their hearts,
Everybody is gently whispering

"Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day

waahhh!!nampak cam dah hilang stress ye lepas bace entri nie.

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