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~romantic again~

Help in writing Something Romantic ...

A list of sentence starters - put them with the words of your choice or pick from the list below.

Make sure the words you add to the sentence make sense and that they relate to the person you are saying them too - and please only say them if you mean them -

I love you because

You are special to me because

No one could be as special to me as you are because

I like it when you say

Being with you makes me happy because

You have the most beautiful smile.

Words list.

darling, my love, dearest, sweetheart,beloved,beautiful,special.

waahhh!!nampak cam dah hilang stress ye lepas bace entri nie.

2 ur's comment:

Anonymous said...

aku pgil idan shrek
dia pgil aku fiona
romantik x?hahahaha

slumberznanie said...

wowwwww...mmg rmantik glers3 nyeeee hahahahhaha